May 17, 2010

Sweden, Jag älskar dig



For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live in Sweden. I'm pretty sure being in love with Pippi Longstocking played a part in this.
She was a girl who lived by herself, rode horses and had adventures. How could you not? Then there was A Swedish Love Story. How I
wanted to be Annika with her big blue eyes. There just seems to be something so magical about the place. If only I could run away with
Elinkan and Karoline, paddling down the river with our bikes tucked aside for later use I would be so blissfully happy. Oh to be lost in my
sea of thoughts.


  1. oHH YEAH, i watched all of ur vdo and i love it, especially Pippi Longstocking ;)
    Nice blog, i am your new follower.

  2. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING!!!! My favouriteeeee!!!
    Love that pic with the watermelon... beautifullll xx

  3. Pippi is so crazy. I remember seeing the old Swedish cartoons the same weekend, as a teen, that I read a post apocalyptic nuclear war book. It was totally surreal. One thing I'd say about Pippi--not for children. ;-)