November 07, 2010

tied up with string No.2


 It is going into winter over in the middle east and I thought what would one need to keep warm? Various teas, some tasty baked treats as well as other tid bits and pieces. The boy should be happy. I won't know otherwise so I'll keep happy posting whatever the damn well I
please! Least it fills in some time whilst he is away. I shouldn't complain, I'm not really. Other people only get to see their loved ones a couple times a year or maybe every few years. Who am I to grumble? I might go and brew myself a cup right now, mmm ginger tea and honey snaps x


  1. Oh you poor thing! I couldn't imagine having to watch my boyfriend go away to war and having to wait nervously. I'm sure he'd love the care package. I know I WOULD! And is there really a Napoleon Dynamite lip balm? Because I WANT. I'll have to research...

  2. Mmm ginger tea and honey snaps sounds delicious. Haha i love that package, just perfect i might say! Your blog is too cute dear <3

  3. You are braver than I. I must say! I miss my boyfriend after a week!